Your call time is at least 1 hour before your scheduled playing time.

If you’re running late or arriving early, contact your host (your gig details, including playing times and the Host's phone number, are available in your Dashboard)

When you arrive ask your host where to set up and for somewhere to store your things. We’ve asked them to have a ‘Green Room’ available for you to warm up and relax in before you perform.

Don’t be afraid to tell the host you’re ready to play and ask them to introduce you. Having the host call their guests to attention, is the best way to get everyone listening.

Mingle with guests and the host after the gig. People love talking about music and you might make some new fans and sell some merchandise.

Contact your host if you have any issues on the day. If you can't get in touch with your host or if there are any issues when you arrive at the venue, please get in touch with us -
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