Parlour takes care of the complexity of currency conversions, so that artists can focus solely on where they want to play in the world, without having to worry about exchange rates and manual calculations.

When you sign up for Parlour as an artist, you choose your home country. The currency of your ticket price is then determined based on that country. For example, if you're from the USA your currency will be USD, if you're from Great Britain your currency will be GBP, and so on.

When a fan applies to host you, they could be from any country in the world. This means that tickets to your shows can be sold in any one of 152 currencies! That's a lot of potential currency conversions going on, but we've got you covered.

The ticket price conversion takes place when a fan submits an application to host you. It's easiest to explain this by running through an example.

Host application currency conversion example

Upper Middle Management, a German electro band, joins Parlour. Because they are from Germany, their currency is Euro. They set their ticket price at 30€.

Brian in Canada loves Upper Middle Management, and as soon as he sees a social post from the band letting fans know they are doing Parlour shows, he jumps at the chance and applies. Being in Canada, Brian naturally wants to sell tickets in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Let's imagine that the current exchange rate at the time of Brian submitting his application is 1€ = $1.52 CAD.

Using that exchange rate, Parlour applies it to the band's ticket price, resulting in Brian's application having a base ticket price of $45.6 CAD *

When it's time to pay out earnings to artists, the amount will be converted back into the currency of the artist's home currency.


So there you have it. Artists and hosts can come together anywhere in the world to enjoy amazing shows together, without having to worry about the boring stuff. 🤘
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