In order to secure a date, hosts must pay a deposit, which is equivalent to 10 tickets.

If a credit card is supplied on application, the artist is able to allocate a date, charge deposit, and put a show on sale.

If a credit card is not supplied on application, the artist may send a request to schedule a gig with the host. The host can then accept the gig by paying the deposit.

If a host is successful in selling the minimum required tickets, the deposit is returned after the show. However if ticket sales are a little short, the deposit, or a portion of it, is used to make up the minimum required tickets.

Once the show goes on sale, hosts have 30 days to reach the minimum required tickets. Failing this, the artist has the option to either accept or decline the show.

If the artist declines the show at the current ticket sales, the show is cancelled and the artist retains the deposit.

If a host cancels a show for any reason, the deposit is retained by the artist.

If an artist cancels a show for any reason other than low ticket sales, the host's deposit is returned.

In any cancellation scenario, all guests will receive a full refund.

Please note: Selling tickets for any price other than the artists ticket price will result in immediate cancellation of your Parlour gig. All guests will be refunded and your deposit will be paid to the artist as a cancellation fee.

If a host opts to pay in full and on-sell tickets on the Parlour ticketing platform, the booking fee will be retained by Parlour to cover credit card processing and administration costs.

Deposits are paid to artists in advance and can only be refunded once the gig is complete.

*Due to the current situation with COVID-19 any cancellation will result in a loss of deposit.
All gigs can and will be rescheduled until we're in a more stable situation.

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