The day has finally come and one of your favourite artists is really coming to your house to play for you and your guests!

Your artist will arrive 1 hour before your guests and 2 hours before they play (they'll contact you otherwise). This gives them time to set up, warm up, and relax.

When your artist arrives, show them where they'll be playing and show them to their 'green room' (just a spare room / office type situation), which is where they can leave their things and warm up away from your guests. It's a nice gesture to leave some nibbles and something to drink in the 'green room' too, make them feel at home.

Greet your guests as they arrive and check them off your guest list if you'd like to keep track of who's still to come. You can find your guest list in your Dashboard.

Introduce your artist!
Parlour gigs are all about the music, so get up before your artist plays to thank your guests for coming. It's a good idea to ask them to give their full attention to the music.

A Parlour set normally goes for around 1 hour, so there's always plenty of time for people to catch up before and after the gig.

Mention how much you love your artist's music and how amazing it is that they're playing live at your place.

Encourage guests to take photos and tag the artist and Parlour on social media posts. (@parlourgigs #parlourgigs)

If you don't feel comfortable getting up to speak, ask a friend who doesn't mind the limelight!

Remember to enjoy it, this Parlour gig wouldn't have happened without you!

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