Parlour is a new kind of concert promoter. Instead of contracting with brick and mortar venues, our specialty is residential, municipal, and other non-traditional venues. Our 83/17 door deal is tried and true in the music industry. It means you will never get hit with additional fees or backend deductions - you will always know what you are making before you even confirm the gig!

Your earnings per gig is equal to 83% of the tickets sold multiplied by the base ticket price. Parlour’s fee is equal to 17% of the tickets sold multiplied by the base ticket price. All wire fees, misc. transaction fees, dues/fees to Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) such as APRA, ASCAP, BMI, and other collection societies, are paid for by Parlour out of its fees. A $3 booking fee is added to tickets to cover credit card processing fees.

After your shows go on sale, you'll be prompted to set up your payment details to receive deposits and gig settlements.

Our Artists always keep 100% of their Merch revenue.

Settlement details are sent the next business day following your gig.

If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact

Please use our handy Guarantee Calculator to come up with the perfect Ticket to Cap combo!
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