How you set up the place, and what you provide at your Parlour gig is entirely up to you! We recommend "bring a plate" and "BYO drink" option, you've done enough by hosting the event. 

We do ask that you offer your artist some food and something to drink if possible, they may have travelled quite a way without having time to grab something beforehand. It's also nice for your artist to have their own space to tune up, warm up, and relax in before they perform. Put some water, nibbles, maybe a beer or some wine in there too, make them feel at home.

Make a stage for your artist to play on. For example, frame a section of the room with fairy lights, use a shipping pallet with a rug on it or hang up a sheet as a backdrop. If your gig is in the evening, bedside lamps are great to use as spotlights! 

Whatever you do, just make sure you enjoy your Parlour gig. We know you've worked hard for it!

Sarah Blasko Parlour Gig Sydney
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