Once your ticket link is live, you need to share it with your friends and family so they can purchase tickets.

Here are what we think are the best ways to promote your gig:

Create a Facebook Event
Facebook events are a great way to invite friends to private events as well as a great reminder for people to buy tickets. Remember to copy your Gig Page link into the event!
(here’s how to create an event on Facebook)

Send a Text Message
Everyone has their phone on them most of the time. A quick text or Facebook message can be a great way to get people buying tickets right away
(To shorten your Gig Page link check out Bitly).

Word of Mouth
Probably the simplest of all is the good ol' chit chat. Next time you see that mate who still hasn't picked up their ticket, tell them to get a wriggle on or they might miss out!

Share some content
If people know what they're coming to see they're more likely to get excited! Whether via Facebook or Text Message, share Youtube, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp links of your favourite songs / books or moments from the artist.

The people you invite may not understand the concept of Parlour, so be sure to explain to them that by buying tickets, they're directly supporting live music and the artist you're hosting.
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