Parlour works by using your existing fanbase to find your ‘Superfans’ who want to host you for a gig at their house. The way to find these fans is by sharing your Parlour page on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with your mailing list. Here's our guide to getting the best response from your community!

Facebook Post
​For your first page share, we recommend a video uploaded directly to Facebook. Try keep the copy nice and simple on the post and be sure to include your Parlour link.

If you need some assistance with this, we have internal content creators who can make you assets to share.

See example videos below

Mailing List
Send out an exclusive newsletter to your mailing list (if you have one) letting them know you're now using Parlour to play directly to them.

Instagram Post
Use the same video or image that you used on Facebook and also put your Parlour page link in your Instagram bio.
We recommend using to add multiple links to your Instagram bio (it’s free!).

Facebook Image
We can make you a Parlour promo image like the one below for you to remind your fans to apply to host you for a Parlour gig.

Instagram Story
Shoot a quick video on your phone or use the image we sent you to create an Instagram story.
Add in your parlour link as text as well.

It can also be helpful to do an initial hype post on your story, prepare your fans for some big news!

Feel free to follow this guide as strictly or loosely as you like.
However, you will get more applications with each post about your Parlour show/s.

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