We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to rally mates to buy tickets to your Parlour gig.
But don't stress, we have a few options to help your gig go ahead if the minimum capacity is not reached in time.

Use deposit
If there are 10 or less tickets remaining, the initial deposit will be used to make up the remaining tickets, and your show will be confirmed.

Purchase the remaining
This is the most sure-fire way to lock in your Parlour. You can then sell those tickets directly on to your friends closer to the date.

Ask the artist to play for a lesser fee
If more than 50% of tickets have been sold, you can opt to ask the artist to play for a lesser fee. This is entirely up to the artist and whether it's worth their time and travel. If they agree, the gig can go ahead.

We do as much as we can to get every Parlour Gig to go ahead, however, gigs to fall through from time to time.

If none of these options are suitable, the gig will be cancelled, all ticket buyers will be refunded and your deposit will be paid to the artist as a cancellation fee.

If you need any assistance, send us an email at team@parlourgigs.com, we're here to help!
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